High-End Account - Ancient Quality Custom - Class of your choice

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You will recieve this random High-End character on arandom Diablo 3 ROS account where we guarantee a fix minimum stat. After you made the purchase we will create this character to you in 24-36 hours delivery time. Build will be what you write or link in the note field.

The stats will be:

  • Minimum paragon 1300 at NON-SEASON or paragon800 at SEASON
  • Minimum paragon 1200 at NON-SEASON HARDCORE or paragon 650 at SEASON HARDCORE 
  • Minimum level50 legendary gems at Softcore realm and minimum level30 legendary gems at Hardcore realm
  • All items quality will be ancient quality
  • Tons of crafting materials, greater rift keystones, ramaladnis.
  • 3 items in kanai's cube passive
  • Follower with Unity, Oculus and cannot die Relic
  • The rolls will follow what the build require, in details you can find it.
  • Every account contains a Season or Non-Seasonal Barbarian with ANCIENT Whirlwind Gear